Yes i do comms! You will usually see it on my DN if is open or I’m working on my current batch or bumping my post

Commissions will take up to a few days or 2 weeks to finish unless smth comes up, I’ll notify you of that ever happens i take payment up front, I’ll start on your comm once I get payed


Please read my TOS, any questions/concern dm me!

- My art is for personal use only (unless stated otherwise)
- I will show the initial sketch to make sure everything is alright
- Im allowed to deny a request for whatever reason (uncomfortable/not in my ability to draw)
- Refunds are not available if I already start coloring
- When done you can use it as an icon/banner with or without credit same w posting
- Please give me full ref with color and design, can be different pictures, if not then I have to bump up the price
- if you wish some changes or a transparent file please let me know!
- Do NOT in every way edit or claim my artwork as your own

Will Do:
- furries / anthro / mlp
- humans
- fan art(some will be excluded, DM me for questions)

Will NOT Do:
- mecha
- muscular characters
- neon characters
- complicated designs
- backgrounds

Any additional character is $10 on top of the original price (up to 3 + icons excluded) if you’d like me to design a character (or don’t have a full ref or consistent one) is $25 extra on top of the price


Icon/mid chest up
$10 USD

Thighs up
$20 USD

Full Body
$30 USD

4 or more characters & png VTubers
$60 - $100+ USD

please dm me for more info! i do take a while for these kind of commissions and price may vary depending on it! i do have examples so feel free to ask me!